Celtimorphosis is a critically acclaimed Celtic jazz fusion duo consisting of Brian Hyland on Anglo and English concertinas, pennywhistle, harmonica, flute, accordion, bodhran and bones, and Chris Woodard on guitar and mandolin. Brian and Chris began their collaboration in 1993 with the sound track for the Emmy-nominated Civil War documentary, "Helmira 1864-1865: The Andersonville of the North" produced by WSKG-TV. Since 1995, they have recorded for Orchard Park Recordings. In the summer of 1999 they helped launch Orchard Park's Orchard Beat label.


“Helmira 1864 - 1865: The Andersonville of the North” (WSKG-TV,1993): Sound track for the Emmy-nominated Civil War prison documentary.

“Celtimorphosis” (Orchard Park Recordings, 1995): Album-length CD and

“Christmas Traditions” (Orchard Park Recordings, 1996): Contributed two tracks to compilation CD and cassette: “Christmas in the New World” and “The Wexford Carol.”

“Celtic Traditions” (Orchard Park Recordings, 1997): Album-length CD and

“A Community Album” (The Chemung Valley History Museum, 1998):
Contributed three tracks to the CD which accompanied the museum exhibit: “Yankee Doodle,” “The Erie Canal” and “When Johnny Comes Marching Home / The Minstrel Boy.”

“Horizons: A 1998 Instrumental Music Sampler” (Orchard Park Recordings,
1998): A compilation CD which reissued three selections from previous recordings, “The Aran Boat” from “Celtimorphosis” and “The Seneca
Strathspey” and “The Sally Gardens” from “Celtic Traditions.

“An Olde World Christmas” (Orchard Park Recordings, 1998): Contributed four tracks to compilation CD and cassette: “In the Bleak Mid-Winter,” “God Rest You, Merry Gentlemen,” “O Come, Little Children,” and “Christmas Is Coming.”

“Acoustic World” (Orchard Beat Records, 1999): Contributed two tracks to compilation CD: “Merrily Kiss the Quaker / The Blarney Pilgrim” and “Wreck of the Armada.”

"Season of Hope and Joy" (Orchard Beat Records for Logos Bookstore, 2013): Joined by Meredith Bocek on harp and Timothy Ball on violin.  Brian played on nine tracks and arranged "Away in Three Mangers."

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